Occasions to use Cardinal bird cards

Occasions to use Cardinal bird cards

Occasions to use Cardinal bird cards

What you should know about Cardinal

Everyone enjoys watching the beautiful Northern Cardinals. They are well-known as the state bird of seven states in the US. These lively birds are colorful and lovely.
Unlike other songbirds, cardinals neither migrate nor change the color of their plumage according to season. Though the females are slightly less dazzling, their thick bills, sharply defined crests, and other highlights are still bright red. If Cardinals hide behind a maple in autumn, they are probably the best-camouflaged animals.

Since they won’t leave their nest just even though it gets a little cold down South, cardinals can be found almost anywhere in the five boroughs and at any time of day. In my opinion, after the relatively bird-call-quiet winter, it is hard to hear their first calls of the spring season, generally on February mornings.

When the sun seems stronger, cardinals begin to make their presence known. They often perch on the tallest fence posts, shrubs, and tree branches, where they can scope the terrain. If it is too blustery for you to go outside, enjoy a mug of coffee, sit down by a window, and watch these beautiful birds.

Cardinal 3D popup card

With special spiritual meanings of Cardinal birds, we have crafted unique pop up gift cards with 2 main patterns: Single birds and couple birds.

Occasions to use Cardinal bird cards 2

Cardinal bird cards

The Cardinal is a symbol of wealth, power, pride, and enthusiasm. It also signifies hope, love, relationships, loyalty, and passion. In other words, the Cardinal reminds us to express our compassion as well as to spread love in life.

The cardinal couple is one of our most important inspirations because these animals often remain living their entire life in the same territory. Moreover, they are monogamous birds whose relationships with their spouses are harmonious and romantic.

Occasions to use Cardinal card

Because this bird has many symbolic meanings, Cardinal popup cards are ideal gifts to express your affection for your loved ones. You can use these 3d cards for almost all occasions and purposes. For example, send them for kids on Christmas, New Year Eve, Easter Day, or for mom on Mother’s Day…

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