Top 3 Best Flowers for Attracting Hummingbird

Hummingbirds love a red roost any time. To them, red is a sign of food. Once in your garden, you will notice the birds gravitating towards red blossoms. Other colors that attract the birds include yellow, orange, lilac, purple and pink shades.

1. Trumpet Vine (or Trumpet Creeper)

Loosely referred to as the “hummingbird vine,” the Trumpet Vine has long, tube-like, bright flowers and plenty of nectar. It is native to the Southeast part of the United States but can be easily grown across the country. And when it comes to growth, this flower is quite sporadic; be ready to trim it on a regular basis. The Creeper can grow so huge and high (up to 40 feet) that birds create their nests in its foliage. You’ll need a year or two for it to bloom and let out its bright and beautiful flowers. Trumpet Vine blooms anytime from July to September.

2. Red Cardinal Flower

Another exceptional flower to include in your hummingbird habitat is the stunning Red Cardinal Flower. From the name, you can guess its color. It looks vibrant when in full bloom! Its flowers are not only vibrant but also delicately –shaped. The sight of the eye-catching red flowers together with the stunning color of the hummingbird sucking nectar from it is a truly delightful sight. What people love about the Red Cardinal is that it grows in all states of America and eastern Canada as well. It features long flowers, too long for most insects. The hummingbird is perhaps the only bird that can cause pollination on the flower. To get the most of the Red Cardinal, grow it when the sun isn’t harsh. The flower which grows to a mature size of 3 feet blooms well in mid-late summer.

3. Bleeding Hearts

The good old bleeding heart flower got its name from its heart-shaped, pillow-like flower with a dangling pendulous drop. Bleeding hearts often bloom during spring filling the air with a sweet aroma and beauty. Although they maintain their bloom well through the beginning of summer, the plants usually disappear the rest of the summer. This is because they love the shade and not extreme sun and heat. The flower finds its roots in Siberia, Korea, northern China, and Japan and grows up to a 3 feet tall and similar width. Its blossoms range from pink, white, and red blossoms.

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