Symbol and meaning of Gorilla

In general, Gorilla symbolism is a signal for us to raise our heads and recognize the nobility within us. This type of Gorilla meaning does not represent prideful or boastful behavior. Instead, this spirit animal exudes a quiet honor and a calm dignity that makes a much more profound statement than any boast

Gorilla symbolism also gives us a message of leadership, remind us to step into the role of a protector of your family or other people you care about in your life.

The gorilla totem can have many different meanings.

Leadership. The leading male in the group of gorillas is the silverback. It leads the troop and organizes its activities. The silverback is the one everyone in the group listens to. The gorilla spirit animal gives you this gift as well. You are a born leader and you are not afraid to make some important decisions regarding others. You are also ready to take the blame and consequences if they turn out to be bad ones.

Community. Gorillas live in organized communities. The gorilla spirit animal is teaching you of the need to respect your community and its members. It is also a reminder to help whenever some of your community members need help. Help it grow and become stronger for the benefit of all its members.

Hierarchy. There is a strict hierarchy in a gorillas group, with the silverback as the chief commander. The gorilla totem is reminding you of the importance of hierarchy in every system and organization, regardless of its size and is asking you to respect the hierarchy you are a part of.

Protectiveness. Gorillas are very protective of the members of its group. He is willing to put its life at risk to defend them. The gorilla totem animal is teaching you of the importance of being protective of the people and things you care about. If the gorilla is your totem, you most likely have this trait already.

Intelligence. Gorillas are intelligent apes. With the gorilla as your spirit animal, you must also be very intelligent as well. The gorilla also reminds you to use your intelligence for the benefit of everyone around you.

Authority. Gorillas respect the authority of the silverback. The gorilla totem is giving you the gift of being an authority to others. People respect you and want to follow your lead. Sometimes the gorilla totem is a reminder for you to respect authority more. 

If the gorilla appears in your life, that is a very important message from the Universe. This spirit animal is possibly asking you to take on a more active role in your life or take a leadership role in some situations. After all the message is that decency, honesty, and quiet charisma gain loyal followers.

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