Some information about Raptor dinosaurs

Raptor dinosaurs, formally known as dromaeosaurids, had very large curved talons on the second toes of their feet. A similar feature is seen on some modern raptors (eagles and hawks), and some scientists believe this is an example of a similar functional evolution.

Raptors came into their own during the late Cretaceous period (about 90 to 65 million years ago), but they roamed the earth for tens of millions of years before that.

They had crocodile-like snouts (not beaks) with sharp, serrated teeth on the jaws. The jaws could snap shut fast and tear chunks of meat from the prey. Raptors is a species that walked on its hind legs, which had three-fingered claws on the before legs. They were raised and curved to attacking weapons, that could slash and injure prey or useful for protection and defense when fighting.

As you know, the Jurassic Park movie went a long way to create a cool, awesome looking raptor dinosaur habitat. The movies have given the inspiration to see these dinosaurs in a full environment and habitat, even with behaviors and personality.

Based on some of Raptor Dinosaurs’ toy models, in addition to learning the scientific information about the dinosaur body, we crafted a paper dinosaur model with a miniature size ratio in a greeting card.

raptor-dinosaurs-3d-cool-popup-card raptor-dinosaurs-3d-cool-popup-card

We know that one of the favorite dinosaurs from the whole movie is the Velociraptor known as “Blue”. So we want to make a Raptor Dinosaurs greeting card in “blue Turkish” and has orange eyes.

This is a popup card 3D model. they are assembled by hand from small pieces of paper that have been cut with a laser machine.

Our cool dinosaurs pop up 3d cards with the main image of Raptor can take anyone’s surprised because of the perfect details, great combination of colors, strong and power symbol.

Each 3D pop-up card made from material high-quality paper art, with an envelope, notepaper sealed in a cellophane bag. Size 15 x 15cm (5,9 x 5,9 inches) is a suitable greeting card to give your loved one a special and meaningful gift.

This amazing 3D pop-up card is a good idea, weird, unusual, cool, awesome, is suitable for almost occasion and purpose. You can give to children to help them visualize a raptor dinosaur, given to people who love animals and care about dinosaurs.

If you have dreamed about dinosaurs, is probably that big changes are going to happen in your life soon. Can be a representation of the past and its influence on your present life, as well as on your future. It reminding you of the problems that you need to face in your real life.

If you a man who loses your temper easily and if you are aggressive towards other people sometimes, bring this popup card to keep came down, you need to have more self-control and to think of other people and their feelings.

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