3 Fish 3D popup card for birthday and sweet love

3 Fish 3D popup card for birthday and sweet love

3 Fish 3D popup card for birthday and sweet love

Amaze your friends and family with a wonderful Fishs pop-up greeting cards. Choose one of the perfect popup cards for them from our special and unique to send a message directly to the recipient.

A Pop-up card is a model in 3D space. When closed, it looks like a normal greeting card, but when on opening the card a model of Fish will pop-up on the greeting card.

A 3D pop-up card is assembled from many small pieces of paper, they are craft together to create a 3-dimensional embossed model. Depending on the size and the image will be designed to set a ratio smaller to fit in the card.

When you open Pop-up 3D cards, that will intrigue the recipients with the Model of 3D pop-up, you will make them surprise and feel that this is a Meaningful Gift.

You can choose one of the suggested Fish 3dcard below, this is the most order for 3 types of fish in this year.

    1. Nemo Fish

Nemo has progressed from a young insecure fish to someone who has the potential to be a leader of others. He has become an adult capable of looking out for himself and others, the original purpose of initiation rituals worldwide.

Famous fish associated with the famous movie – “Finding Nemo”- a film inspired by the lovely and beautiful clown-fish, has left us with many emotions. With bright orange, blue-white bands circling the body, this fish really deeply impressed us.

Crafted assembled by the skilled craftsmen, our cool Nemo popup card looks incredible can take anyone by amazement with their high level of details and come with eco-friendly printing paper, in a 15 x 15 cm size ( 5,9 x 5,9 inches)

  1. Love dolphin couple

Dolphin research has been going on for decades, as scientists strive to understand even more about these fascinating, majestic mammals. Among the topics given attention and research is the question of whether dolphins, like humans, have the ability to love?

Dolphins are highly intelligent marine mammals, with over 40 different types existing in various parts of the world. And dolphins live peacefully with other species, including humans.

Due to the meaning of this symbol, we believe this cool 3D pop-up card is a perfect gift to your friend, family or colleagues. More than that, in this greeting card, we design a dolphin couple. So it’ll be more meaningful to give to your lover.

  1. Orca Whale popup card

Also known as the “Lord of the Ocean” the Killer whale is said to be the guardian of the ocean, with seals as his slaves and dolphins as his warriors. It is believed that Killer Whales are closely related to humans, and it is said that when a human drowns the human is taken down by Killer Whales into their deep villages and transformed into a Killer Whale. Some tribes believe that the Killer Whale will purposefully take down whole canoes to come closer to their loved ones.

The orca spirit animal is powerful and intelligent, and it can survive even the harshest climates. The orca symbolism fosters community and camaraderie, as well as loyalty and longevity and it is in a way similar to the moose animal spirit.

Each paper pop up card is made of premium cardstock printed in bright ink, which is laser-cut for accuracy & neat details, and comes with a blank surface for you to personalize it & write your message of love – simply seal it in the included envelope and send it across!

Make your loved ones smile today with our artistic pop-up card that is sure to tug at their heartstrings!

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