12 pop-up cards are our most popular for buyers

According to the Greeting Card Association in Washington, D.C., Americans purchase about 6.5 billion greeting cards each year, with annual retail sales of greeting cards estimated between $7 billion and $8 billion.

Even those in this digital greeting card via Twitter and Facebook, but sending greeting cards can offer a more meaningful and tactile way to express sentiment and connect in a real way.

Greeting 3d pop-up cards continues to thrive at mass retail, helped by digital technology and cutting laser machines have been changed demand the greeting cards of many consumers.

New products of popup cards include many types are classified into, animals pop-up card; flowers pop-up card; poplove cards… with the model in 3-dimensions natural. Our purpose is crafted 3d pop-up cards to help people build and maintain meaningful connections by spreading animal love, engaging people with nature with greeting cards 3d model.

There are two categories of greeting popup cards. These are everyday cards and seasonal cards. The top-selling everyday card is the birthday card which accounts for over half of the total sold. This is followed by wedding and anniversary, get well and sympathy, and friendship and encouragement cards.

Top-selling seasonal cards are Christmas and holiday cards. These account for more than six percent of all seasonal card sales. These are followed by Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and Graduation cards.

Each pack include Popup greeting card, Thank you and meaning; Wishing note paper; yellow emulsion Envelope, Poly bag to cover and protect all.

Learning about the greeting card and trends, anyone wants to refer to some types of cards that are used a lot as a basis for their choices by handmade pop-up cards. Here are 12 best selling popup cards in the Amazon market in the US that we summarized to choose for each person you want to gift.

1. Peacock Bird Pop-up Card

Peacock symbolism and meaning have often been tied to the beauty of its feathers. Peacock ties to various Gods and Goddesses as well as glorious myths.

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2. Cardinal Bird Pop-up Card

If you see a cardinal flying upward, toward the sun, you will have good luck.

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3. Bluebird Pop-up Card

The bluebird signifies healing, forgiveness, emotional & spiritual balance & the bird with her baby signifies a new beginning, hope, caring & love.

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4. Dragonfly Pop-up Card

Dragonfly being a symbol of change & self-realisation, maturity & clarity in thoughts, power & poise.

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5.Cute Panda Pop-up Card

Pandas are harbinger of peace, good fortune, a brighter outlook on life, warmth, love & innocence.

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6.Tulip Flowers Pop-up Card

Spread love, reinstate old friendship that’s been buried under a busy lifestyle, or revive your relationship with family or colleagues.

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7.Orca Whale Pop-up Card

The whale is a majestic mammal of the sea with beauty & intelligence, and signifies wisdom, grace, physical & emotional healing, strength, the importance of family & long-lasting love.

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8.Cardinal Birds Mate Pop-up Card

Cardinals are known to represent faith, hope, and love, which is one reason they’re often found on holiday decorations like greeting cards.

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9.Cactus Flower Pop-up Card

Cactus itself too carries an important message of luck & prosperity.

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10.Flamingo Pop-up Card

Flamingo symbolism calls for you to be vibrant and outgoing, and to be well-balanced and resourceful in life.

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11.Sloth Couple Pop-up

Love is indispensable–From distant past to present day, we live to love each other, we live to share whether it’s joy or sadness

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12.Lovely Dolphin Couple Pop-up

Dolphins symbolize protection as well as good luck. It is understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving

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We are a team of young artists-cum-entrepreneurs, designers & highly skilled craftsmen who are passionate about papercraft, and are committed to providing easy access to unique & widely celebrated paper art to everyone around the world.

With over a decade of experience in the production of 3D pop-up cards, we create some of the most fascinating 3D paper art and have an extensive catalog with continuously changing designs that can cater to a wide range of special occasions, events, and casual needs.

Our ability to develop awe-inspiring intricate designs, laser cut the pop designs with high precision, and assemble them in a tidy & professional way ensures that our cards look sophisticated & a class apart. World-class craftsmanship when complemented by our incredible taste in colors, stringent quality control, and classy packaging, results in an unbeatable gifting choice.

If you want to make a new with custom 3d pop-up card by your idea. We will support you from designing, craft, making a sample to producing final products.

if you want to buy more and want a lower price, contact me by email or leave a message in the contact menu.

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